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General enrolment programs 2020

Our general enrolment programs offer individuals or small teams an opportunity to deepen their understanding of how the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 or the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities (the Charter) apply in their work, and develop skills to take back to the workplace. We aim to disrupt assumptions and challenge participants using realistic scenarios, current cases and best practice examples.

Our programs are a valuable opportunity to not only learn from content experts but also work with other organisations, share practices and develop useful networks.

In designing and delivering our programs, we draw on our significant functions under the Equal Opportunity Act, the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities, and the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act 2001. As such, the Commission is uniquely placed to provide authoritative programs.

All of our programs can be customised and delivered at your workplace. We tailor these programs to the specific needs of the workplace, incorporating corporate documents, policies and procedures into the sessions as well as workplace case studies the audience will connect with.

Please note: General enrolment sessions with fewer than five participants may be rescheduled or cancelled with at least one week's notice.

For more information please call us on (03) 9032 3467 or email [email protected].

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