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Employees' rights

As an employee, you are protected from discrimination in the workplace by Victorian and federal laws. All stages of employment are covered, including:

  • recruitment, including how positions are advertised and how interviews are conducted
  • being offered unfair terms and conditions of employment
  • negotiating flexible work arrangements
  • disclosing disability in the workplace
  • returning to work after illness or injury
  • being unfairly dismissed, retrenched or demoted.
  • discrimination based on your carer status, family responsibilities and parental status.

The law

The Equal Opportunity Act 2010 sets out 18 personal characteristics that make discrimination in employment against the law. Federal anti-discrimination laws also apply to Victorian employees. 

Are there any exceptions?

The Equal Opportunity Act 2010 includes some general exceptions. This means that discrimination may not be against the law in particular circumstances.


Complaints of discrimination made to the Commission are resolved through a process called conciliation. Find out more about our process for resolving complaints.

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