Submission to the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry - May 2014

The Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission has made a submission to the Hazelwood Mine Fire Inquiry.

The Commission has a Disability Reference Group which enables the Commission to hear directly from people with disability, parents of children with disability, service providers and advocates. The Disability Reference Group provides guidance to the Commission on human rights priorities affecting people with disabilities and provides advice on the development of policies and procedures.

At the March 2014 meeting, members of the Disability Reference Group raised concerns about the experiences of people with disabilities in the communities affected by the Hazelwood Mine Fire. We have incorporated their feedback in this submission.

This submission addresses the fourth matter of the Inquiry’s terms of reference, specifically the adequacy and effectiveness of the response by emergency services and other relevant government agencies, and in particular, the measures taken in respect of the health and well-being of the affected communities by:

1. informing the affected communities of the Hazelwood Coal Mine Fire and about its known effects and risks; and

2. responding to those effects on, and risks to, the affected communities.

Consistent with the Commission’s obligations, this submission adopts an equal opportunity and human rights framework in examining the response to the Hazelwood Mine Fire.

View a copy of the submission below.

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