Submission on the Draft Disability State Plan 2013-2016 - Jul 2012

In July 2012 the Commission made a submission to the Draft Victorian Disability Plan 2013-2016, highlighting key issues of concern, which include the need for less high-level language in the Draft Plan and more practical, measurable outcomes for people with disabilities.

The Draft Plan outlines four policy directions including:

  • a strong foundation for learning, jobs and health
  • protecting rights and promoting participation
  • access to neighbourhoods, spaces, buildings and transport
  • a contemporary approach through system reform and continued work towards a viable national Disability Insurance Scheme.

Stressing the importance of people with disability actively participating in the Draft Plan, the Commission's submission suggests a commitment to empower people with disability to achieve the best outcomes possible. This includes real opportunities for people with disability to enjoy recreational and social pursuits beyond those with paid carers, family and others with disability.

The Commission also highlights opportunities to work with the Department of Human Services in some of its intersecting policy projects on disability issues, including work on creating fairer outcomes for students with disability in education, support for carers of children with disability, accessible transport, accessible housing options, and equal employment outcomes for people with disability, including mental illness.

The Commission looks forward to the publication of the Final Victorian Disability Plan 2013-2016.

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