Victorian Discrimination Law

This resource provides an overview of the Equal Opportunity Act and an analysis of the case law that helps to guide the application of the Act in practice. It also provides
guidance on the scope of, and interaction between, exceptions and exemptions under the Equal Opportunity Act in light of its objective to promote substantive equality.

Dowload the full text (PDF or Word) or chapter sections available below.

Chapter contents

1: Introduction
2: Types of discrimination
3: Protected attributes
4: Areas of public life in which discrimination is prohibited
5: Reasonable adjustments for somebody with a disability
6: Accommodating responsibilities as a parent or carer in employment and related areas
7: Refusing accommodation to a person because they have an assistance dog
8: Permanent exceptions
9: Temporary exemptions by the tribunal
10: Sexual harassment
11: Victimisation
12: Authorising and assisting discrimination and sexual harassment
13: Vicarious liability
14: The positive duty
15: Special measures
16: Compliance powers
17: Disputes
18: Other common procedural issues
19: Offences

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