Thursday, 02 November 2017 14:24

2016 Report on the operation of the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities - Nov 2017

The Commission's 2016 Report on the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities encourages Victorians to reflect on how far we have come in embedding a human rights culture since the Charter’s enactment in 2006.

The Growing a human rights culture report draws upon a survey of more than 100 departments, agencies and local councils to understand the activities undertaken in 2016 to improve the government’s human rights culture across three cultural influence areas, including senior leadership, operational capacity and external input and oversight. The report also draws upon data from the Victoria Public Sector Commission’s 2016 People Matter Survey.

The results indicate that while public authorities are taking steps to improve their human rights culture, they could be doing more.

The report also finds efforts are being made across government to advance human rights in Victoria, particularly the government’s efforts to address the prevalence of family violence. These efforts demonstrate human rights being placed at the core of culture, policy and decision-making.


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