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Rights in focus: report on the rights of regional Victorians is a Commission report focussing on people living in regional Victoria and the about human rights issues affecting them and their communities. Human rights are basic entitlements that belong to every one of us, regardless of our background, where we live, what we look like, what we think or what we believe.


The 2010 Rural and Regional Committee Inquiry into the Extent and Nature of Disadvantage and Inequity in Rural and Regional Victoria found that voices of people who live in regional Victoria were not being adequately heard in major discussions about human rights at a state-wide level.

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The Rural and Regional Committee is a Joint Investigatory Committee of the Parliament of Victoria. The functions of the Committee include to inquire into, consider and report to the Parliament on any proposal, matter or thing concerned with the provisions of services to and the development of regional Victoria. 

The Change and Disadvantage in Regional Victoria Report – 2011 is report produced by the Department of Planning and Community Development. The Change and Disadvantage in Regional Victoria reports provide maps of disadvantage for suburbs and towns based on the Australian Bureau of Statistics Index of Relative Socio-economic Disadvantage (IRSD) 2006.  

In 2010 the Australian Human Rights Commission undertook 11 consultations in rural and regional NSW, Victoria and South Australia as part of the African Australians Project: human rights and social inclusion issues. In Victoria the consultations were held at Mildura, Shepparton, Castlemaine, Warrnambool and Ballarat.

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