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Equality Talks: Imagining a gender-equal future - the next generation share their visions for a fairer, more inclusive tomorrow

What’s your vision for a more gender-equal future, where all Victorians are respected, valued and able to contribute to the community we share?

To celebrate International Women’s Day, we heard from five young Victorians as they explored their ideas for a better tomorrow.

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Imagining a gender-equal future was held on Wednesday 4 March at Melbourne Theatre. Our speakers were:

  • Yasmin Poole – Youth advocate and ‘human megaphone for Gen Z’
  • Tahlia Biggs – Program coordinator, Korin Gamadji Institute
  • Hunter Johnson – CEO of The Man Cave
  • Nevo Zisin – a Jewish, queer, non-binary writer, performer, activist and public speaker
  • Khayshie Tilak-Ramesh – Youth Commissioner, Victorian Multicultural Commissioner

Speaking for five minutes each, Yasmin, Tahlia, Hunter, Nevo and Khayshie brought with them unique perspectives on celebrating cultural connections, challenging stereotypes, reframing gender and harnessing activism to provoke real change.

More information:

If you have any questions about the Equality Talks speaker series, please email [email protected].


Did you miss the event? Read more about our presenter's visions for a gender-equal future in the transcript from the event. 

Transcripts – Equality Talks: Imagining a gender-equal future (PDF, 963 KB)

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