Wednesday, 12 December 2012 00:00

Commission welcomes 'Customers First: Service, Safety, Choice’ Taxi Industry Inquiry Report- 12 Dec 2012

The long awaited report of the Taxi Industry Inquiry tabled in Parliament today makes 139 recommendations to reform the taxi industry to improve the way taxis are licensed, operated and regulated.

The Commission is pleased to see many of our recommendations to address the poor standards of service to people with disability have been addressed in the Report. 

Just last week, the need for reform was again highlighted when members of the Commission's Disability Reference Group were forced to wait more than one hour for wheelchair accessible taxis that had been pre-booked. While they were waiting on the street many empty taxis slowed down as they went past, however they soon speed up upon seeing the wheelchairs.

Unfortunately this is not an uncommon experience for people with disability trying to access taxis. In fact, just two months ago the same group of people waited more than two hours for their pre booked taxis.

If those of us who can use standard taxies were regularly kept waiting when we needed to get to the airport, get to work or just get home after a long day of meetings or go out at night, we also would want a better deal from the taxi industry.

The day-to-day difficulties experienced by people with disability trying to get access to taxi services to get to work, to get to appointments, to see friends and family, or just get home after a long day of meetings, cannot be overstated.

This Report confirms the concerns of the Commission and of many people with disabilities by acknowledging poor standards of service, including unacceptably long wait times or non-attendance, and poorly trained drivers.

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