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Monday, 20 February 2017 12:20

Erasing bias from workplace recruiting

The Commission is please to support an anti-discrimination recruitment pilot program that was today launched by the Victorian Government.

Recruit Smarter will de-identify personal details – such as names, genders, ages, and locations – to reduce potential bias during the application process.

Research shows people from culturally diverse backgrounds with equivalent qualifications and experience often have to submit more applications before they are offered an interview.

The 18-month pilot will also include:

  • targeting language with traditionally masculine or feminine connotations in job advertisements
  • training to help human resources and staff involved in recruitment to recognise and prevent unconscious bias in the process
  • use of programmed bias mitigation prompts throughout the selection process reminding selection committees of common biases, hotspots and other potential bias hazards in job interviews.

The Department of Premier and Cabinet, the Department of Treasury and Finance, WorkSafe, VicHealth, the Transport Accident Commission, Westpac, Ai Group and accounting firm PwC are some of the partners to have signed up for the trial.

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