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Under the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 it is against the law for accommodation providers to treat, or propose to treat, someone unfavourably because of a personal characteristic protected by law. It is also against the law for accommodation providers to sexually harass someone.

This means landlords and agents cannot refuse accommodation to prospective tenants for such things as age, sex, sexuality, gender identity, race, religion, disability, marital status or family responsibilities.

What does accommodation include?

Accommodation includes:

  • boarding houses or hostels
  • business premises
  • camping sites
  • caravans or caravan sites
  • hotels or motels
  • houses or flats
  • mobile homes or mobile home sites.

Information for tenants and landlords

For information about discrimination and renting in Victoria, including your rights and obligations under the Act, see:


View the Commission's research report: Locked out: Discrimination in Victoria's private rental market.

Access general information about renting in Victoria on the Consumer Affairs Victoria website.