Aboriginal identity in Victoria

The recommendations of the Reporting Racism: what you say matters research report include developing an online resource to build a richer community understanding and appreciation of Aboriginal identity, culture and history in Victoria to help break down stereotypes and misinformation. The Commission is committed to delivering the best possible resource and is currently looking at ways to develop practical approaches with community organisations and project partners to reduce racism in the Aboriginal community and address misconceptions held by non-Aboriginal people.

An education program is in development, which will provide general information regarding the diversity of Aboriginal identity in Victoria, mostly drawn upon by resources that have already been developed from other agencies. We will also provide information on discrimination and equal opportunity law.

This program will be used to deliver the Commission’s strategic direction to:

  • improve access to rights for Aboriginal Victorians and reduce discrimination in daily life
  • ensure employers create workplaces that comply with laws, are inclusive for all employees, and where everyone is equipped to address systemic issues and individual behaviours

Through our Report Racism project, which is another action from the Reporting Racism research, we will work with Reporting Places (community organisations) to deliver targeted education for the Aboriginal community and better understand the barriers, gaps and issues of racism.

Through our work with the corporate sector, we will identify the educational needs for creating diverse and inclusive workplaces with a specific focus on Aboriginal employment. This will incorporate education on the stereotypes and misconceptions relating to Aboriginal identity and will provide positive and practical tools that employers can engage with to create diverse and inclusive workforces.

For more information contact Melissa Saunders on (03) 9032 3426 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


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