The Commission's organisational structure

The Commission has an independent Board, led by a Chairperson. The Commissioner reports to the Board.

The Commissioner is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the affairs of the Commission, delegating management of operational matters to a Director.

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The Commission comprises six units:

Strategic Projects and Policy Unit

Provides policy advice and direction within the Commission and manages key strategic projects that identify and seek to address systemic discrimination and human rights issues.

Dispute Resolution Unit

Manages the Commission’s Enquiry Line, delivers free community information sessions about our services, coordinates our statewide community liaison program and runs our Dispute Resolution Service, resolving complaints of discrimination, sexual harassment, vilification and victimisation through conciliation.

Legal Unit

Undertakes legal research and provides legal and policy advice, oversees our intervention function, conducts public legal education seminars, develops legal resources for community use, and participates in legal forums and committees related to equal opportunity and human rights law.

Education and Consultancy Services Unit

Delivers the Commission’s human rights and equal opportunity education and training through scheduled courses and tailored workshops, and works extensively with community, corporate and government stakeholders to develop practical approaches to good human rights and equal opportunity practice.

Corporate Services Unit

Shared with the Office of the Public Advocate, this unit underpins the Commission’s success by providing executive support for the Commission’s finance, human resources, information technology and office administration functions.

Communications Unit

Develops and delivers information and resources through a range of targeted publications, community events and online information, supports our research and policy work, develops social media and communication campaigns to increase awareness and build compliance, and maintains a strong public voice on human rights and equality issues.